Water Bottling Causing Ecosystem Imbalance

Clean Water News / 23.11.2015

It’s time for all of us to take part in ensuring our planets future health. The process of bottling water and shipping it elsewhere is causing an imbalance in our ecosystem by removing water from area’s its needed.

“There are some possible sources of water that bottling companies may elect to use. There are municipal sources where the water comes from the tap, essentially, and accounts for roughly 55 percent of the bottled water available for purchase. Natural sources make up the other supply line and are often referred to in the industry as “spring water.” Some companies choose to add minerals or electrolytes or put the water through various filtration and treatment systems. No matter the source or manipulation of the water, one fact remains: bottled water companies are removing water from a location where it is needed to sell it elsewhere…” [ Read the story here ]

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