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Water Bottling Ban Nears Success

Clean Water News / 11.12.2015

Nestle is nearing a road block as a Columbia Gorge water bottling ban is nearing success. Many of the Hood River County residents don’t believe their local water  sources should be bottled and sold when they are suffering their own water shortage. “Opponents of Nestlé’s proposed water bottling plant in the Columbia River Gorge have turned in three times the number of signatures required to qualify a local ballot measure blocking the deal…” [ Read the story here ]


Dangers Of Bottled Water – Documentary

Clean Water News / 10.12.2015

The dangers of the bottled water industry are numerous, both economic and environmental. Take a look deeper into the ramifications of the use and manufacturing of disposable water bottles. Check out the documentary: Dangers of Bottled Water: Tapped below.

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Bottled Water Habits We Need To Change

Clean Water News / 09.12.2015

The bottled water industry has been soaking the economy with promises of crystal clear, “special” water for years, and its industry has grown at a ridiculous rate.  How are your bottled water habits costing not only your wallet, but our ecosystem as well?

“…when the first commercial aired for bottled sparkling water in the U.S. and a need was born. Well, maybe not a need, but certainly a want. Though little more than a niche product in the ’80s, bottled sparkling water became a symbol of status and the decade’s yuppies drank it up…” [ Read the story here ]


Featuring The Beauty Of Clean Water

Clean Water News / 04.12.2015

Mashable has gathered a set of photo’s showing off the beauty of nature, and clean water. “From swimming pools to glacial lakes, clean water is essential and plays such a large role in our lives. That really showed through in all the great photos that were submitted for last week’s challenge…” [ Read the story here ]



Commissioners Pledge To Stop Using Bottled Water

Clean Water News / 30.11.2015

The Muskegon County Board of Commissioners has decided to stop using bottled water at it’s meetings. Playing a vital role in saving both the economy and the pockets of American’s, switching to a renewable water source is as easy as buying your Nubo Filtered Water Bottle today.

“Commissioners voted unanimously last Tuesday to stop buying bottled water after hearing a presentation by the county’s sustainability coordinator, Sara Dumm, on how employees are being encouraged to use washable tumblers…” [ Read the story here ]

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Clean Water News From Nubo Filtered Water Bottle

Clean Water News / 26.11.2015

Follow Nubo Filtered Water Bottle on Facebook for the latest news on clean water and benefits of switching to an eco-friendly, reusable clean water source.

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Tap Water Over Bottled Water

Clean Water News / 24.11.2015

The benefits of switching to an eco-friendly, reusable water solution are endless. Listen to the opinion of one student who lent her time to studying the subject.

“Something that I was unaware of before researching more of this topic was the difference in testing between bottled water and tap water. They are regulated by two different agencies. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is in charge of the tap water and is overall more strict and consistent with testing and requirements compared to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), who’s in charge of bottled water having a less strict policy by only testing it once a week …” [ Read the story here ]

Why you should stop drinking bottled water - nubo filtered water bottle


Water Bottling Causing Ecosystem Imbalance

Clean Water News / 23.11.2015

It’s time for all of us to take part in ensuring our planets future health. The process of bottling water and shipping it elsewhere is causing an imbalance in our ecosystem by removing water from area’s its needed.

“There are some possible sources of water that bottling companies may elect to use. There are municipal sources where the water comes from the tap, essentially, and accounts for roughly 55 percent of the bottled water available for purchase. Natural sources make up the other supply line and are often referred to in the industry as “spring water.” Some companies choose to add minerals or electrolytes or put the water through various filtration and treatment systems. No matter the source or manipulation of the water, one fact remains: bottled water companies are removing water from a location where it is needed to sell it elsewhere…” [ Read the story here ]

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Nestle Bottled Water Being Fought In Oregon

Clean Water News / 20.11.2015

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has asked for community input in the proposed Nestle bottled water transfer, and has decided to fight against it. “The water rights transfer was seen by many as a way for Nestlé and the Cascade Locks city council to circumvent public review. Without it, there will now be a more open forum, by which ecological review and public comment will be given more consideration…” [ Read the story here ]

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Clean Water From A Car Battery

Clean Water News / 19.11.2015

Creating chlorine in developing counties can help fill a desperate need – clean water. A new technology is allowing easy chlorine creation with only water, salt, and a car battery, or outlet.

The SE200 Community Chlorine Maker mixes salt, water, and the electricity from a 12-volt battery to quickly create a chlorine solution that can purify 55 gallons of water. Users pour a spoonful of salt and water into a soup-can-size container that then plugs into a car or motorcycle battery via a set of small jumper cables. Salt naturally dissolves into sodium and chloride ions, and when the small electric charge is applied at the push of a button, the chloride ions oxidize into chlorine. The whole process takes just five minutes…” [ Read the story here ]

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