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Nestle Bottled Water Being Fought In Oregon

Clean Water News / 20.11.2015

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has asked for community input in the proposed Nestle bottled water transfer, and has decided to fight against it. “The water rights transfer was seen by many as a way for Nestlé and the Cascade Locks city council to circumvent public review. Without it, there will now be a more open forum, by which ecological review and public comment will be given more consideration…” [ Read the story here ]

college petitions for bottled water ban - Nubo Filtered Water Bottle




Commercial Water Bottling Being Blocked

Clean Water News / 23.09.2015

Hood River County, Oregon will be up for a vote on a new commercial water bottling facility in the county. Members of the group Local Water Alliance have taken measures to propose a ballot making it illegal for a Nestle water bottling facility to set up shop in Cascade Locks. Critics and the activist group are claiming the already drought stricken area is not the appropriate place to tap dry. [ Read the story here ]

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