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Clean Water From Nubo Filtered Water Bottle

Clean Water News / 08.12.2015

Nubo’s Generation II filtered water bottle is your solution to a refillable, reusable, clean water solution. Get your Nubo Bottle today direct from the industry leaders, and follow us on Twitter for the latest clean water news and updates on the benefits on a refillable clean water bottle.



Nubo Filtered Water Bottle On The Talk

Clean Water News / 07.12.2015

The incredible benefits of having a refillable clean water source on the go are sweeping the world!

Check out Nubo Filtered Water Bottle’s spot on TV with “The Talk“, as they break down this revolutionary bottle and what they love about them so much!

Buy your Generation II – Nubo Filtered Water Bottle today!


Commissioners Pledge To Stop Using Bottled Water

Clean Water News / 30.11.2015

The Muskegon County Board of Commissioners has decided to stop using bottled water at it’s meetings. Playing a vital role in saving both the economy and the pockets of American’s, switching to a renewable water source is as easy as buying your Nubo Filtered Water Bottle today.

“Commissioners voted unanimously last Tuesday to stop buying bottled water after hearing a presentation by the county’s sustainability coordinator, Sara Dumm, on how employees are being encouraged to use washable tumblers…” [ Read the story here ]

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Tap Water Over Bottled Water

Clean Water News / 24.11.2015

The benefits of switching to an eco-friendly, reusable water solution are endless. Listen to the opinion of one student who lent her time to studying the subject.

“Something that I was unaware of before researching more of this topic was the difference in testing between bottled water and tap water. They are regulated by two different agencies. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is in charge of the tap water and is overall more strict and consistent with testing and requirements compared to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), who’s in charge of bottled water having a less strict policy by only testing it once a week …” [ Read the story here ]

Why you should stop drinking bottled water - nubo filtered water bottle


Nestle Bottled Water Being Fought In Oregon

Clean Water News / 20.11.2015

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has asked for community input in the proposed Nestle bottled water transfer, and has decided to fight against it. “The water rights transfer was seen by many as a way for Nestlé and the Cascade Locks city council to circumvent public review. Without it, there will now be a more open forum, by which ecological review and public comment will be given more consideration…” [ Read the story here ]

college petitions for bottled water ban - Nubo Filtered Water Bottle




Nghe Province Bottled Water Companies Suspended

Clean Water News / 18.11.2015

The Department of Science and Technology (DST) has tested and suspended 21 of the total 70 bottling water companies in the province of Nghe.

“Tests showed that water samples manufactured by these bodies were sub-standard. Many of them contained pseudomonas bacteria, a type of bacteria that causes many serious complications for people such as endocarditis, respiratory tract infections, and pneumonia and bloodstream infections…” [ Read the story here ]

nghe bottled water companies suspended - dependable website management


Buy Your Nubo Filtered Water Bottle Today!

Clean Water News / 09.11.2015

Nubo Filtered Water Bottle’s are your solution to clean, fresh tasting water, straight from your tap.


Why pay a ridiculous markup on bottled water, when your Nubo Bottle can keep those dollars in your pocket. While allowing you to fill up whenever you want, without the need to go to the store… just go to your kitchen!

Buy your Generation II – Nubo Filtered Water Bottle today!


New Aquafina Labels Citing Public Water Source

Clean Water News / 02.11.2015

PepsiCo has fallen to public pressure over misrepresenting the source of its water by displaying mountains on the packaging.

Their new label, soon to be in use, will note on it that the water is from a “public water source“.

“Facing a slump in sales of carbonated soft drinks due to health concerns, beverage companies are increasingly relying on bottled water revenue. According to the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA), total 2014 sales revenues for US bottled water were $13 billion in wholesale dollars. Americans consumed 12 billion gallons of bottled water, or about 34 gallons per capita…”

[ Read the story here ]


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