Legacy Replacement Filter


Nubo Filter Facts

Turns tap water into great tasting water – for pennies.

Replaceable after 300 fills or about 3 months – Removes up to 98% of chlorine and other bad tasting, toxic chemicals.

State-of-the-art activated carbon filter using micron non-woven FDA approved fabric.

Activated coconut shell carbon acts like a magnet, attracting undesirable chemicals in the water. The patented recirculating vents allows this process to continue. As you travel with your bottle, the water continues to be filtered.

Silver impregnated to provide a bacteriostatic environment (this is to inhibit bacterial growth, NOT to filter bacteria from the water). Nubo is not designed to filter contaminaated river and/or lake water.

Meets or exceeds water standard 42 for CTO (chlorine, taste, order particulates). Our carbon is EPA registered #37589-2 and is the best carbon that you can buy.

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Made in the USA!

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