Combo Pack Filtered Water Bottle and 3 Filters


NUBO Filtered water bottle… Good For You, Even Better For Our Planet!

Combo pack includes ONE Nubo Gen II bottle and THREE replacement filters providing one year of healthy great tasting water.Highly effective and efficient filtration removes up to 98% of chemicals and provides bacteriostatic protection.

Each filter lasts for more than 3 months. Replace the filter for continued bottle use.

Nubo meets or exceeds water STANDARD 42 for CTO (chlorine, taste, odor, particulates).

Bottle is completely dishwasher and refrigerator safe.

Reusable water bottle with a direct pour, gravity fed filter that is able to convert regular tap water into great tasting, healthy, and refreshing water. Nubo is a unique environmentally conscious and economically practical alternative to single use bottled water.

The bottle is attractive and ergonomically designed for everyday use. Nubo bottle holds almost 24 oz. of water and is convenient for use in most cup or bottle holders. Nubo is ideal for people on the go who currently use bottled water. It is especially practical for the kids to use at school, refilling with chilled water from the fountain.

Nubo is made from Eastman’s Tritan plastic which is completely free from dangerous chemicals. It is refrigerator and dishwasher safe and is recyclable

Our patent pending filter removes up to 98% of the chlorine and other undesirable solids from drinking water, while maintaining a bacteriostatic environment.

The filter is effective up to 300 fills (which translates into only pennies for each bottle) at which time it can easily be replaced.

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