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What are the best water bottles for sale online?

BPA Free, Clean Water News, Filtered Water Bottle, Water Bottle / 10.01.2017

Everybody knows that drinking water daily is important for your overall health. Many people buy a case of plastic water bottles every time they go to the grocery store. Not only are plastic water bottles wasteful, but they are also not great for your health. Plastic water bottles can have a contaminant known as BPA, which can be released into the water when the bottle gets hot. If you’re looking for a better alternative to the plastic water bottle, consider Nubo Bottle! Our Nubo Bottles are BPA free and produce clean, filtered water for you anytime you need.

Why choose Nubo Bottle?

If you want a reusable water bottle there are many reasons why our Nubo Bottle is the best bottle you can buy. Whether you’re looking for a water bottle to take to work, school, the gym or any other time you’re on the go our Nubo Bottle is perfect. You can fill up your Nubo Bottle at any faucet and our filtration system will give you clean, crisp, and delicious water anytime you need. Some of the other advantages to our Nubo Bottle include:

  • Easy Filling
  • Hydration on the go
  • BPA free plastic
  • Environmentally friendly design
  • Filtration system

Our filtration system removes up to 98 percent of contaminants. Not only does this filtration system help produce cleaner water, but it also produces water that tastes better. Many people are looking for ways to better the environment and lower their ecological footprint. Ditching the plastic water bottle and using a reusable water bottle is a great start.

If you want to learn more about our Nubo Bottle and learn how you can buy one, visit our online store at Nubo Bottle was made to provide customers with a clean, reliable, contaminant free water bottle that helps the environment. No longer will you have to waste money on buying cases of plastic water bottles when you use Nubo Bottle. Visit our website to learn more about our bottles or to purchase one today.

Nubo Bottle Tampa

Who Sells the Best Water Bottle in Tampa?

BPA Free, Clean Water News, Filtered Water Bottle, Water Bottle / 16.12.2016

When it comes to caring for your health, water is key! At Nubo Bottle, we know that it’s important to get your daily allotment of water. But, finding the best tasting water can be tough. That is, unless you’ve got one of our BPA free water bottles! Don’t just settle for any water bottle in Tampa. With our products at Nubo Bottle, you can enjoy fresh filtered water, right at your fingertips!

Why choose Nubo Bottle?

If you’ve been using other water bottles in Tampa, it’s time to make the switch to our products at Nubo Bottle! We’ve developed the best water bottles for anyone who needs hydration on the go, at home, at work or even on an airplane! There are many benefits you can enjoy when you choose our bottles, such as:

  • BPA Free Plastics
  • Environmentally Friendly Designs
  • Removal of up to 98 Percent of Contaminants
  • Easy Filling
  • Simple Cleaning
  • Portable Hydration
  • Stylish Designs

When you’re looking for a great water bottle in Tampa, our BPA free bottles are the way to go! BPA is a compound that has been linked to many dangers, so avoiding this compound is a big component of health. With our Nubo Bottle, you don’t have to worry about BPA.

How does Nubo Bottle make my water taste so good?

With our water bottles in Tampa, you can turn any water into delicious and fresh tasting water. Even regular tap water can taste as delicious as bottled water! That’s because our water bottles use gravity-fed filtration systems that remove up to 98 percent of contaminants. These filters remove the bad tasting and dangerous contaminants, leaving delicious water behind!

Our bottles are perfect for anyplace where you need great water, such as:

  • The Office
  • The Gym
  • Airplanes
  • At Home
  • Running Errands
  • & Anywhere Else!

When you purchase one of our water bottles for Tampa, you’ll learn why Nubo Bottle is number one in environmentally friendly water bottles! You can ditch the expensive and wasteful disposable plastic bottle without having to give up great tasting water. In fact, our Nubo Bottles and filters will give you the best tasting water you’ve ever had!

How do I get a Nubo Bottle?

Finding the best water bottle for Tampa is easy! You can shop our Nubo Bottle products online 24/7. Great tasting water is just a click away! Click here to find your brand new, BPA free filtered water bottle!


Where Can I Buy a Filtered Water Bottle In Coral Springs, FL?

BPA Free, Clean Water News, Filtered Water Bottle, Water Bottle / 07.10.2016

Water Bottle Coral Springs, FLAre you sick of buying filtered water when you have tap water in your home? While tap water seems to be getting more and more harmful to our health, all that really needs to be done is filtering to your tap water. Filling up in-home water pitchers that filter can help, but what if you want your filtered water on the go? Buying water bottles is getting out of hand. So now that we have addressed all of these concerns, at Nubo we have the answer!

Our reusable water bottles in coral spring are able to be taken with you on the go and include their own filtration system. Your tap water will be transformed into crisp and clean tasting water. Reusable water bottles in Coral Springs, FL make life more convenient for you. They remove up to 98% of contaminants so you can drink freely knowing you are only getting the purest water around.

On top of rehydration, we also offer you bottles with filters on the bottom which ensure that no matter how much of water is in your water bottle, your water will constantly be filtered thoroughly. By letting the natural works of gravity do the work, it takes some of the work from our filter so we don’t have to work so hard and neither do you!

When looking into buying a water bottle in Coral Springs, FL think of all of the benefits of our Nubo water bottle compared to the rest of your options. No other water bottle has offered the same natural filtration system, most water bottles are not BPA free, and many do not promise you the same ability to remove as many harmful contaminants that we do!

At Nubo we try to make the world as simple as possible. Not only do our water bottle provide you with clean and simple water, we strive to save you money! When you are buying water bottles by the day you are wasting money that you could be spending on your own enjoyment or placed in a savings account. Keep it simple with Nubo Bottle and continue to make simple and productive life decisions.

Check out our website to find out more information on how our Nubo water bottle can help you improve your life and the entire planets! Taking little strides in the right direction is all were about.  We would be pleased to have your business!


What is The Purpose Of BPA Free Water Bottles?

BPA Free, Clean Water News, Filtered Water Bottle, Water Bottle / 03.10.2016

BPA Free Water BottleWhen you are looking for a quality water bottle, there are no factors that should be ignored. This includes BPA! When you are purchasing a water bottle you should make sure that there is no trace of BPA in the plastic. Whether you are buying a reusable water bottle or a disposable water bottle, checking for BPA is important to your health and the planet.

Everyone needs water, but buying water that is contaminated with chemicals is not helping your body much. Mainly the bottles that contain the BPA includes the disposable water bottles. We already were aware that creating an abundance of disposable water bottles was bad for the environment in more than a few ways. But now that we know BPA is a threat to our bodies as well, disposable water bottles should be disposed of!

Keeping your health in its best condition does not have to be hard when you purchase products that care about you as much as they care about themselves. We would not sell products that we would not use or trust ourselves. Your recognition means the world to us. Seeing others believe in our products only motivates us to try bigger and better innovations.

If we could change the world in a healthy and productive way we would! In fact that is what we are trying to do. Our BPA free water bottles are just the beginning! If you are interested in our efforts you can visit our website to find out what we are all about! We welcome you to join us in improving the planet, one sip at a time.

All of our products are available online for your convenience. You can stock up on your filters, different styles of our BPA free water bottles and even NuBo bottle koozies and still spend less money than on a water bottle day.  When it comes to being efficient in any and all of your actions why not start with saving your money! Contact us today for all of your BPA free water bottle needs! When you receive them feel free to leave us a review and tell us what you think! We love hearing your feedback and are always open for improvements. We want to make sure all of our products are as innovative as possible.


What are the benefits of our BPA Free Water Bottles in Trenton?

BPA Free, Clean Water News, Filtered Water Bottle, Trenton, Water Bottle / 27.09.2016

Water Bottle Trenton, NJOur NuBo water bottles do more than help the environment, investing in one of our water bottles also benefits your health. Today, health consciousness is trending and organic products are at an all-time high. Grabbing a bottle of water at the grocery store in place of a high fructose beverage may seem like the better alternative, but there are underlying factors that affect our body in that water bottle in Trenton.

The main issue with disposable water bottles includes their main ingredient in the bottle, BPA. Bisphenol-A is a plastic hardening chemical that is very present in non-reusable water bottles. This chemical gets into the water and affects your health as well as your potential children’s health. BPA disrupts your endocrine system and interrupts natural hormones in your body. There are also malfunctions in sperm and egg production in your reproductive system. Don’t let your potential children be effected by worldly contaminants before they take their first breath.

At Nubo, we believe in a better and healthier world, and that is what we are attempting to create.  By keeping you healthy, we are also keeping the next generation healthy. The choices we make today often affect tomorrow. These choices include things as simple as the water bottles we drink from. Factors as small as a water bottle can make a world of difference, take a look.

  • Minimizing our ecological footprint by reducing the amount of water bottles in landfills and in our ocean. By reducing the amount of our ocean, we are also keeping our water sources cleaner to begin with.
  • Reducing the use of fossil fuels. By only using one or two reusable water bottles for years compared to one or two disposable water bottles allows the use and price of petroleum to go down.
  • Your spending will go down. Switching to a reusable water bottle compared to a disposable water bottle can save an individual up to 500 dollars a year. That can be spent on a trip or simply groceries.

Our Nubo bottles are also one step above most because they include their own filtration system. So you will not have to be worried about the intake of BPA or contaminants in your local tap water. Consider the possibility of being able to drink clean and fresh water from any and everywhere! Visit our online store today and see the products we have to offer! You won’t be disappointed in what you see or how you feel after you have purchased your very own Nubo water bottle.


What’s the Best Water Bottle in Orlando?

BPA Free, Clean Water News, Filtered Water Bottle, Water Bottle / 30.08.2016

Water Bottle OrlandoOn a hot day, crisp and refreshing water is the best thing you can reach for. But at Nubo Bottle, we know that if you’re not using the right kind of water bottle in Orlando, refreshment may cost more than you’d prefer. When you’re using disposable water bottles, it can cost you a lot more than $5 per bottle. You may also be paying for BPA exposure and environmental harm as well. If you’re ready to enjoy refreshing water without emptying your wallet, putting yourself at risk with BPA or creating unnecessary waste, it’s time to see how our Nubo Bottle can help!

Why find a new water bottle in Orlando?

At Nubo Bottle, we know it’s important to get that bottled water taste without the waste or harm of disposable bottled water. We’ve created our stylish products with hydration and environmental responsibility in mind. Our Nubo Bottle includes a gravity-fed filtration system that removes up to 98 percent of contaminants, bringing crisp water without the waste!

Our Nubo Bottle is also created from BPA free plastics, meaning you can enjoy gulp after gulp without worry! You can take our Nubo Bottle and turn any tap water into the freshest water you’ve ever had, thanks to our top quality filters.

What about the environment?

There are many benefits to making the switch to our solutions at Nubo Bottle. Perhaps the best solution of all? All of our products at Nubo Bottle help lessen the environmental strain of wasteful disposable water bottles. Our reusable bottles are a great alternative to disposable water bottles!

What are the best water bottles for sale online? When you’re looking for the best water bottle in Orlando, we invite you to discover our top quality products at Nubo Bottle. You can browse our website anytime 24/7 to start shopping the best water bottles for sale online. Your crisp, refreshing and BPA free water is waiting. To start turning any tap water into the best water yet, visit our online store to start shopping.


Should I Upgrade my Water Bottle in Los Angeles?

BPA Free, Clean Water News, Filtered Water Bottle, Water Bottle / 30.08.2016

Water Bottle in Los AngelesStaying hydrated is the key to a healthy and happy life. But, are you finding it increasingly expensive to find great filtered water on the go? At Nubo Bottle, we think it should be easy to keep fresh water at hand! We offer the best water bottle in Los Angeles. Making the switch to our bottles at Nubo Bottle can help put the power of water filtration at your fingertips. Stop overpaying for expensive bottled water! Make the switch to Nubo Bottle!

Why should I switch out my water bottle in Los Angeles?

Is your water bottle really working for you? Sure, it may hold your water, but it can do so much more! At Nubo Bottle, we’ve developed stylish water bottles that can transform any simple tap water into crisp and refreshing filtered water.

If you’re looking for filtered water, don’t shell out $5 per bottle each time you’re thirsty! At Nubo Bottle, our bottles can turn any tap water into the best tasting water!

The biggest reason people make the switch to our products at Nubo Bottle is convenience. With our bottles, you can fill up with any regular tap water. Then, our gravity fed filtration system will take this tap water and transform it into delicious filtered water, removing up to 98 percent of contaminants!

There’s no need to keep overpaying for bottled water. With our reusable water bottle and filtration systems, you can have refreshing water without emptying your wallet! Our Nubo Bottle is perfect for everyday use, giving you constant refreshing water.

Can a new water bottle in Los Angeles help the environment?

Have you thought about all the waste people create in this city each and every day? What if some of this waste simply vanished? With our solutions at Nubo Bottle, you’re not adding countless plastic bottles to landfills. Instead of creating garbage every time you want crisp water, you can enjoy our reusable water bottle in Los Angeles.

But what is the best BPA free water bottle?

When it comes to plastic water bottles, BPA is often a big concern. At Nubo Bottle, we don’t think that BPA should be a part of your hydration solutions. We offer the best BPA free water bottles in Los Angeles!

With our Nubo Bottle, you don’t have to worry about BPA, environmental waste or contaminants in your water. Make the switch to Nubo Bottle today for the best tasting water. Any tap water can become crisp and refreshing water with our solutions at Nubo Bottle!


Try Our New Water Bottle with Built in Filter in Coral Springs!

BPA Free, Clean Water News, Filtered Water Bottle, Water Bottle / 14.07.2016

 Water Bottle with Built in Filter Coral SpringsAt Nubo Bottle, we know that proper hydration is always key. But, getting fresh and crisp tasting water isn’t always so simple. If you’re looking for the very best hydration solutions, it’s time to see how our products can help! We’ve developed the best water bottle with built in filter in Coral Springs. Whether you’re hitting the gym or heading to the airport, our water bottles are the perfect fit!

Why switch to Nubo Bottle?

How are you getting your eight glasses of water per day? If you’re constantly buying disposable plastic bottles, you’re harming yourself and the environment! That’s because disposable plastic bottles aren’t made for your safety. In fact, they’re not even made with the environment in mind. Don’t let the expensive price tags fool you, these bottles are created from cheaper plastics that are loaded with BPH.

BPH has been known to cause defects and health dangers. Worse yet, these disposable bottles are often transported in hot trucks that help introduce the plastic’s BPH into the water you’ll drink. There are also environmental dangers associated with disposable plastic bottles. Our oceans are filled with countless plastic bottles that are harming ecosystems and wildlife.

Instead of using a wasteful disposable plastic bottle, you can make a choice that’s good for you and the environment by switching to Nubo Bottle!

At Nubo Bottle, our reusable bottles are created from plastic that’s BPA free and incredibly durable. Best of all, with our gravity-fed filtration systems, it’s easy to keep hydrated! Our Nubo Bottle provides crisp and refreshing water, transforming regular tap water into the freshest tasting water you’ve ever had!

Can Nubo Bottle save me money?

When you’re spending your money on disposable plastic water bottles, you’re tossing that money away! At Nubo Bottle, we know there are better ways to stay hydrated! There’s no need to shell out cash every time you’re looking for crisp and fresh tasting water. With our Nubo Bottle products, you can enjoy great tasting water without having to buy bottle after bottle.

Did you know our Nubo Bottle filters are built to last? One gravity-fed filter can last for hundreds of fills! Keeping your water free from contaminants has never been easier thanks to our solutions at Nubo Bottle.

Where can I buy Nubo Bottle?

If you’re ready to make the switch to the best water bottle with built in filter in Coral Springs, we invite you to shop our online selections at Nubo Bottle. Our USA made filtered water bottles are the perfect fit when it comes to crisp and environmentally friendly water.

There’s no need to overpay for your water! Make the switch to our affordable and environmentally friendly systems at Nubo Bottle today. For the best tasting water, choose Nubo Bottle.

BPA Free Water Bottle

What is the Best BPA Free Water Bottle?

BPA Free, Clean Water News, Filtered Water Bottle, Water Bottle / 10.05.2016

Bisphenol A, known as BPA, is a chemical that isn’t exactly healthy. Studies have shown links between BPA ingestion and increased blood pressure, cognitive issues and even developmental issues for fetuses in certain concentrations. While studies on BPA are still being conducted, it’s a good idea to avoid ingesting BPA. Plastics in many water bottles contain this chemical, and this chemical can leak into the water that you drink from those bottles. At Nubo Bottle, we know that BPA free is the way to go! What is the best BPA free water bottle? Our Nubo Bottles, of course!

Where can I buy BPA free water bottles? At Nubo Bottle, we don’t think it should be a struggle to find great BPA free water bottles. Our website is the perfect place to buy your BPA free hydration solutions. Whether you’re choosing our Nubo Legacy Bottle or our namesake Nubo Bottle, you’ll have crisp and BPA free water whenever you’d like! Both bottle types include filters that are good for up to 300 fills- that’s a lot of water!

With our Nubo Bottles and their gravity fed filtration systems, you can enjoy crisp, refreshing filtered water wherever you go! These bottles are perfect for traveling, hiking, gym visits and anywhere else you’d like to bring crisp and refreshing water! Instead of spending way too much on bottled water, you can put the power of our Nubo Bottle filtration systems to work, saving time, money and waste.

Each year, over 60 million plastic bottles are thrown away, and those numbers are only growing. In fact, in 2004 alone, the country threw away six times as many bottles as it did in 1997. How do we stop this cycle? With BPA free Nubo Bottles! Our reusable bottles at Nubo Bottle help reduce the number of wasteful disposable water bottles that often find their way into landfills and ecosystems around the world. With Nubo Bottle, you can enjoy on-the-go hydration without wasteful BPA plastic bottles.

You’re looking for great hydration, and you’re looking for an environmentally friendly solution. Stop spending all your money on disposable bottled water that’s riddled with BPA and other harmful chemicals. Our Nubo Bottles filter out up to 98 percent of contaminants, and they contain no BPA. Where is the best BPA free water bottle? The crisp, clean and refreshing water you’re looking for is here. Just visit our online store at Nubo Bottle to buy your new favorite BPA free water bottle.

Water Bottle For Sale Online

Why Should I buy a Filtered Water Bottle in Coral Springs?

Clean Water News, Filtered Water Bottle, Water Bottle / 04.04.2016

When many people go to the store they’ll grab a case of water and not think twice about it. What most people don’t know is that plastic water bottles are both harmful to you and the environment. There is a chemical in many plastic water bottles known as BPA. This chemical can break down under extreme heat and can leak into your water and is dangerous to drink. Make sure you don’t ingest these dangerous chemicals, get a BPA free Nubo Bottle.

Nubo Bottle is not only BPA free but is also a filtered water bottle. You can fill up the bottle from the bottom and the filtration system makes sure your water is clean and healthy to drink. Our Nubo Bottle removes up to 98% of toxics and chemicals that are found in plastic water bottles. There are many studies that continue to test the effects that plastic water bottles can have.

At Nubo Bottle, we have two different styles to choose from. The first is our Legacy bottle which looks like a disposable bottle. That’s where the comparisons end as our legacy bottle is both reusable and BPA free. This bottle has the traditional screw off cap and is great for on the go. The second bottle we have is the Generation 2 bottle. These bottles are clear and offer a more stylish look than the traditional water bottle. They are also spill proof as they have a cap that will close and lock. With both of our bottles you simply fill them up from the bottom and they filtrate your water. Screw on the lid, flip your bottle over and enjoy!

Stayed hydrated is very important and making sure you drink enough water daily is important to your overall health. But you don’t have to continue buying plastic water bottles from the store. Instead, use one of our safe and reusable Nubo Bottles! Get rid of plastic bottles and never worry about BPA in your water. Our filtrated water bottles are great for the office, gym or any other place you need to get hydrated. Visit our website today to learn more about how a Nubo Bottle can positively impact your life!

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