Where can I Buy BPA Free Water Bottles?

Clean Water News / 02.02.2016

Do you know what’s in your water? You might think that disposable water bottles are filled with just water, but you’d be mistaken. Bisphenol A, known as BPA, is a chemical found in disposable water bottles and bottles of many kinds. During the shipping process, this chemical can breakdown as the bottles are exposed to high heats during transportation, causing it to seep into the water you’re about to drink. The last thing anyone wants to drink is BPA laden water. Do they make BPA free water bottles? Where can I buy BPA free water bottles? What’s the best BPA free water bottle? There’s one answer to all your water bottle questions, and it’s Nubo Bottle.

At Nubo Bottle, we’re proud to offer the best BPA free water bottles. Studies are still being conducted on BPA’s harms, but it has been linked to considerable troubles. BPA exposure has been connected to a slew of health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, asthma and even some cancers. Though studies are still being conducted, the FDA has presented a ban on utilizing BPA in baby related products. But that doesn’t mean that mass produced bottled water is safe. If you’re looking to enjoy water without harmful BPA, it’s time to make the switch to Nubo Bottle.
What is the best BPA free water bottle? At Nubo Bottle, we have two great water bottle styles to choose from. Both bottles offer an integrated filtration system that removes up to 98 percent of toxins and chemicals. As an added bonus, your Nubo Bottle also converts any tap water into great, crisp tasting water!

Our Legacy Bottle resembles disposable bottles in shape, but that’s where the similarities end! This reusable bottle sports a stylish blue design with a twist on and off cap. With our Legacy Bottle, you can enjoy clean, safe and environmentally friendly hydration on the go. If you’d prefer a different style, we recommend our newest Nubo Bottle, the Generation 2 Bottle. This bottle brings a clear design that helps show off the stylish filter within. Both bottles fit easily into cup holders, bottle holders and most importantly, into your everyday life.

Hydration is key, whether you’re working at a desk or out in the sun. But there’s no reason your water bottle should harm you or the environment. Ditch the disposable plastic, ban BPA from your life. Make the switch to happy, healthy and BPA free water with Nubo Bottle today!

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