College Petitioning To Ban Bottled Water

Clean Water News / 05.11.2015

Sponsored by  S.A.’s environmental committee, Cornell University has a petition growing with more than 6200 signature so far, calling for a ban on the sale of bottled water on campus.

“The petition has been generating meaningful discussion about tangible steps to reduce plastic products such as disposable water bottles that enter the campus waste stream.” [ Read the story here ]



Dasani Targeted Over Misleading Label

Clean Water News / 04.11.2015

Following Aquafina’s admission of using public water sources for its bottled water, a campaign set to draw public notice to the epidemic of misleading bottled water labels has a new target – Dasani.

Think Outside The Bottle Campaign spokesperson, Kara Kaufman, “That’s another company that’s been using the same public water sources and then turning around and overcharging consumers…  they are absolutely misrepresenting their product.”

[ Read the story here ]



Clean Water Solutions For Third World Countries

Clean Water News / 03.11.2015

The struggle for clean water in economically deprived area’s is a devastating shortage that claims the lives of countless people. With the desire for a cheap solution to provide clean water and leave these area’s self sufficient, we have seen a rise in new technologies and methods for purifying drinking water. [ Read the story here ]



New Aquafina Labels Citing Public Water Source

Clean Water News / 02.11.2015

PepsiCo has fallen to public pressure over misrepresenting the source of its water by displaying mountains on the packaging.

Their new label, soon to be in use, will note on it that the water is from a “public water source“.

“Facing a slump in sales of carbonated soft drinks due to health concerns, beverage companies are increasingly relying on bottled water revenue. According to the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA), total 2014 sales revenues for US bottled water were $13 billion in wholesale dollars. Americans consumed 12 billion gallons of bottled water, or about 34 gallons per capita…”

[ Read the story here ]


Nubo Filtered Water Bottle Saving Your Wallet

Clean Water News / 30.10.2015

Nubo Filtered Water Bottle’s are your eco-friendly solution to refillable, wallet friendly, clean water.

Don’t let your money pour into the billion dollar industry that you already have an answer for – your tap!

Buy your Nubo Generation II Bottle today!

Buy Filtered Water Bottles


Is Your Bottled Water From The Tap?

Clean Water News / 29.10.2015

Where does your bottled water come from? With the industry raking in $18 billion a year, you would think their water was somehow cleaner, healthier, and tastier. In reality, “According to the Beverage Marketing Association, almost 50% of all bottled water, that is sold in America, is simply purified tap water.”

Why keep paying for what is already being supplied directly to your tap?

[ Read the story here ]



The Real Cost’s Of Bottled Water

Clean Water News / 28.10.2015

Circumvent the drastically varying high prices on bottled water and start saving yourself thousands of dollars every year. Markets around the world have drastically different going rates for bottles of water and in some cases, can be over 2000 times as expensive as drinking from your Nubo Filtered Water Bottle using your own tap water. [ Read the story here ]

water money2


Where Are Your Plastic Bottles Ending Up?

Clean Water News / 27.10.2015

The final resting place of the millions of plastic bottles disposed of every year is usually our oceans. With the plastic debris never decomposing entirely, the effects on marine life and our ecosystem are huge. “Today, around 700 marine species are in danger of extinction due to plastic pollution either by way of ingestion, entanglement or toxin exposure – and this number is only set to increase as the plastic bottle industry continues to grow…” [ Read the story here ]



California Wants Alaska’s Water

Clean Water News / 26.10.2015

California representative, Janice Hahn, is looking to resource water from Alaska. She has thus far, met with Terry Trapp, Alaska Bulk Water CEO, to discuss shipping water in containers to the drought stricken state of California. He is sure to meet opposition, as the process of shipping by sea is almost 12 times as expensive as collecting it locally. [ Read the story here ]

alaska waterfalls


Indian Railway’s Fake Bottled Water

Clean Water News / 23.10.2015

Indian Railway’s officials reportedly ditched their bottled water brand – Rail Neer – and instead supplied railway goers with counterfeit bottled water.  Two railways, Rajdhani and Shatabdi Express, intentionally purchased water from unapproved sources, bypassing regulation. “The accused officials had allegedly favoured certain private companies in supplying cheap packaged drinking water other than mandatory Rail Neer brand…” [ Read the story here ]


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