Clean Water From A Car Battery

Clean Water News / 19.11.2015

Creating chlorine in developing counties can help fill a desperate need – clean water. A new technology is allowing easy chlorine creation with only water, salt, and a car battery, or outlet.

The SE200 Community Chlorine Maker mixes salt, water, and the electricity from a 12-volt battery to quickly create a chlorine solution that can purify 55 gallons of water. Users pour a spoonful of salt and water into a soup-can-size container that then plugs into a car or motorcycle battery via a set of small jumper cables. Salt naturally dissolves into sodium and chloride ions, and when the small electric charge is applied at the push of a button, the chloride ions oxidize into chlorine. The whole process takes just five minutes…” [ Read the story here ]


Nghe Province Bottled Water Companies Suspended

Clean Water News / 18.11.2015

The Department of Science and Technology (DST) has tested and suspended 21 of the total 70 bottling water companies in the province of Nghe.

“Tests showed that water samples manufactured by these bodies were sub-standard. Many of them contained pseudomonas bacteria, a type of bacteria that causes many serious complications for people such as endocarditis, respiratory tract infections, and pneumonia and bloodstream infections…” [ Read the story here ]

nghe bottled water companies suspended - dependable website management


A Full Day Without Clean Water

Clean Water News / 17.11.2015

What would it be like to live a full day without access to clean water?

Many people across the globe have to deal with this, not just for a day, but day after day.

“Can you imagine a life without being able to bathe, use the bathroom or even launder your underwear? When you’re clean, you’re confident: This is a basic truth that many people around the world never get to experience…”

[ Read about Cottonelle partnering up with Water For People to spread clean water access to the entire world ]

Hippo Roller Helping Third World Countries - Nubo Filtered Water Bottle


Melting Tibetan Glaciers To Bottle Water

Clean Water News / 16.11.2015

China plans on exploiting its Tibetan glaciers in order to bottle water for it’s h2o depleted region. “This week, the Tibet Autonomous Region’s government released a 10-year plan to encourage the massive expansion of the bottled water industry in the ecologically fragile region…” [ Read the story here ]



Is Your Bottled Water Just Tap Water?

Clean Water News / 13.11.2015

News reports flow in every week about the deceptive practices of bottled water companies. Misrepresentation has many consumers blind as to what they are drinking.

“…While some are convinced the bottled water they purchase is better for them than anything coming from their kitchen faucet, tests show those drinking water can’t always tell the difference. A comparison was done by ABC news and details were shared online. Those taking part in this comparison taste test were surprised to learn that many bottled water products contain tap water and there was not a difference in taste…” [ Read the story here ]



Man Finds The Ultimate Water Saving Option

Clean Water News / 12.11.2015

A man has decided that showering is not a necessary life activity.

Saving water is important, but not showering for 12 years?


Insane “Designer” Water Bottle Prices

Clean Water News / 11.11.2015

Here are the top 10 most expensive bottles of water. I thought things were getting crazy right off from the start, but the prices these companies are charging for special “designer” water will start making you wonder whats going through some peoples minds after about #5.


Co-Worker Poisoned Spa Employee’s Bottled Water

Clean Water News / 10.11.2015

A 27 year old woman was caught on camera poisoning her co-workers bottled water.

The Maryland woman allegedly poured a beautify product into another young woman’s water, causing her to vomit uncontrollably, and have breathing problems – almost killing her.

[ Read the story here ]


Buy Your Nubo Filtered Water Bottle Today!

Clean Water News / 09.11.2015

Nubo Filtered Water Bottle’s are your solution to clean, fresh tasting water, straight from your tap.


Why pay a ridiculous markup on bottled water, when your Nubo Bottle can keep those dollars in your pocket. While allowing you to fill up whenever you want, without the need to go to the store… just go to your kitchen!

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Saving Money On Daily Expenses

Clean Water News / 06.11.2015

“The average cost of one bottle of water is $1.45, according to Statistic Brain Research Institute. If you or your family members drink several bottles a day, you could easily be blowing $5 a day on water that you could get for a fraction of the cost from the tap. In fact, bottled water costs 240 to 10,000 times more per gallon than tap water, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council…” [ Read the story here ]

Learn how small changes in your daily financial routine can end up saving you big money. Starting with cutting out bottled water and switching to an eco-friendly Nubo Filtered Water Bottle.

Saving money on Bottled Water - Nubo Filtered Water Bottle


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