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What is the Best BPA Free Water Bottle?

BPA Free, Clean Water News, Filtered Water Bottle, Water Bottle / 10.05.2016

Bisphenol A, known as BPA, is a chemical that isn’t exactly healthy. Studies have shown links between BPA ingestion and increased blood pressure, cognitive issues and even developmental issues for fetuses in certain concentrations. While studies on BPA are still being conducted, it’s a good idea to avoid ingesting BPA. Plastics in many water bottles contain this chemical, and this chemical can leak into the water that you drink from those bottles. At Nubo Bottle, we know that BPA free is the way to go! What is the best BPA free water bottle? Our Nubo Bottles, of course!

Where can I buy BPA free water bottles? At Nubo Bottle, we don’t think it should be a struggle to find great BPA free water bottles. Our website is the perfect place to buy your BPA free hydration solutions. Whether you’re choosing our Nubo Legacy Bottle or our namesake Nubo Bottle, you’ll have crisp and BPA free water whenever you’d like! Both bottle types include filters that are good for up to 300 fills- that’s a lot of water!

With our Nubo Bottles and their gravity fed filtration systems, you can enjoy crisp, refreshing filtered water wherever you go! These bottles are perfect for traveling, hiking, gym visits and anywhere else you’d like to bring crisp and refreshing water! Instead of spending way too much on bottled water, you can put the power of our Nubo Bottle filtration systems to work, saving time, money and waste.

Each year, over 60 million plastic bottles are thrown away, and those numbers are only growing. In fact, in 2004 alone, the country threw away six times as many bottles as it did in 1997. How do we stop this cycle? With BPA free Nubo Bottles! Our reusable bottles at Nubo Bottle help reduce the number of wasteful disposable water bottles that often find their way into landfills and ecosystems around the world. With Nubo Bottle, you can enjoy on-the-go hydration without wasteful BPA plastic bottles.

You’re looking for great hydration, and you’re looking for an environmentally friendly solution. Stop spending all your money on disposable bottled water that’s riddled with BPA and other harmful chemicals. Our Nubo Bottles filter out up to 98 percent of contaminants, and they contain no BPA. Where is the best BPA free water bottle? The crisp, clean and refreshing water you’re looking for is here. Just visit our online store at Nubo Bottle to buy your new favorite BPA free water bottle.

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Why Should I buy a Filtered Water Bottle in Coral Springs?

Clean Water News, Filtered Water Bottle, Water Bottle / 04.04.2016

When many people go to the store they’ll grab a case of water and not think twice about it. What most people don’t know is that plastic water bottles are both harmful to you and the environment. There is a chemical in many plastic water bottles known as BPA. This chemical can break down under extreme heat and can leak into your water and is dangerous to drink. Make sure you don’t ingest these dangerous chemicals, get a BPA free Nubo Bottle.

Nubo Bottle is not only BPA free but is also a filtered water bottle. You can fill up the bottle from the bottom and the filtration system makes sure your water is clean and healthy to drink. Our Nubo Bottle removes up to 98% of toxics and chemicals that are found in plastic water bottles. There are many studies that continue to test the effects that plastic water bottles can have.

At Nubo Bottle, we have two different styles to choose from. The first is our Legacy bottle which looks like a disposable bottle. That’s where the comparisons end as our legacy bottle is both reusable and BPA free. This bottle has the traditional screw off cap and is great for on the go. The second bottle we have is the Generation 2 bottle. These bottles are clear and offer a more stylish look than the traditional water bottle. They are also spill proof as they have a cap that will close and lock. With both of our bottles you simply fill them up from the bottom and they filtrate your water. Screw on the lid, flip your bottle over and enjoy!

Stayed hydrated is very important and making sure you drink enough water daily is important to your overall health. But you don’t have to continue buying plastic water bottles from the store. Instead, use one of our safe and reusable Nubo Bottles! Get rid of plastic bottles and never worry about BPA in your water. Our filtrated water bottles are great for the office, gym or any other place you need to get hydrated. Visit our website today to learn more about how a Nubo Bottle can positively impact your life!

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Where are the Best Water Bottles for Sale Online?

Clean Water News, Filtered Water Bottle, Water Bottle / 04.03.2016

Water Bottle For Sale OnlineWhether you’re starting a new exercise routine, getting healthier or just staying hydrated, you need a great water bottle. These days, the best way to find an affordable BPA free water bottle is to turn to online shopping. Where are the best water bottles for sale online? On our site at Nubo Bottle of course! We have the best bottles in unique styles with convenient drinking options for effective hydration. If you’re looking for the best water bottles, Nubo Bottle is the answer!

At Nubo Bottle, we’ve developed two popular bottle types for your preferences. We know that hydration is key no matter your lifestyle, so we’ve made staying hydrated easy. Both of the bottle styles we offer at Nubo Bottle are BPA free options with the best filtration solutions. Our gravity fed filters remove up to 98 percent of contaminants from your water. With our water bottles, you’re only drinking one thing- clean, crisp and refreshing water!

Our Nubo Legacy Bottle brings the convenience of a plastic bottle without the harmful environmental waste. This dishwasher and refrigerator safe water bottle is ergonomically designed for everyday use. With colorful packaging and light carrying weight, it’s never been easier to enjoy filtered water on the go.

We also offer our namesake Nubo Filtered Water Bottle. This bottle uses a stylish filtration system that shines through the clear BPA free plastic. With its wide mouth pop top, it’s easy to get the right amount of water from each and every sip. You can also unscrew the cap to add ice cubes for seriously cool water. Just as with our Nubo Legacy Bottle, this BPA free water bottle is dishwasher safe.

No matter which Nubo Bottle you choose, you’ll be enjoying the freshest water around. With powerful filtration, you can turn any water into clean, crisp and fresh tasting water. Best of all, it’s perfect for on the go. Whether you’re out for a run or out for a flight, Nubo Bottle has the best water bottles for your lifestyle.

Where are the best water bottles for sale online? At Nubo Bottle, of course! We’ve developed beautiful water bottles with unique gravity fed filtration systems to help put the power of pure water into your hands. No matter how busy you may be, with our solutions at Nubo Bottle, you’re never too busy for great tasting water. If you’re ready to start shopping the best water bottles, it’s time to visit our online store. Click here to get started!

What are the best water bottles for sale online?

5 Things That Happen When You Upgrade your Water Bottle in Coral Springs

Clean Water News / 02.02.2016

Water is the biggest component of life throughout the planet. In fact, when NASA searches for life on other planets, water is the first thing they look for. With water being such a basic component of all life, you know the importance of staying hydrated. But, are you using the best water bottle in Coral Springs for your hydration needs? At Nubo Bottle, we know that everyone’s hydration habits can be improved. Disposable plastic bottles are harming the environment, and they can even harm your health. We can help you make the switch to a sustainable, BPA free water bottle in Coral Springs. There are some great changes you’ll enjoy the moment you switch to Nubo:

  1. Great tasting water. If you’re looking to enjoy the freshest water around, all you need is your Nubo Bottle and a faucet or water fountain! With its gravity fed filtration system, you can rest easy knowing that your Nubo Bottle will produce the best water you’ve ever tasted.
  2. No BPA worries. When you’re enjoying our BPA free water bottle in Coral Springs, you’ll rest easy knowing that BPA isn’t a part of your water. You can use your Nubo Bottle without worrying about harmful BPA!
  3. Serious savings. Do you realize how much money you’re wasting on disposable water bottles? Don’t keep throwing your money away! With our Nubo Bottle, you can enjoy fresh tasting water without wasting your money. Our filters last for hundreds of fills!
  4. Happy environment. Do you know where your water bottles go when you throw them out? Plastic disposable water bottles aren’t helping the environment in any way. If you’re looking to go green, start with a great new Nubo Bottle.
  5. Safe water. Do you know what’s in your water? Whether you’re drinking expensive disposable bottled water or you’re drinking tap water, you’re also drinking added contaminants and chemicals.

Our Nubo Bottle removes 98 percent of chemicals such as chlorine.
Water is important for improved health, but not all bottled water is created equal. If you’re looking to enjoy the best in bottled water, it’s time to give our products at Nubo Bottle a try. With our filtration systems and BPA free water bottles, you can enjoy the freshest and healthiest water around. Best of all, our BPA free bottles can give you peace of mind. You can find the best water bottle with filter in Coral Springs by clicking here.


Where can I Buy BPA Free Water Bottles?

Clean Water News / 02.02.2016

Do you know what’s in your water? You might think that disposable water bottles are filled with just water, but you’d be mistaken. Bisphenol A, known as BPA, is a chemical found in disposable water bottles and bottles of many kinds. During the shipping process, this chemical can breakdown as the bottles are exposed to high heats during transportation, causing it to seep into the water you’re about to drink. The last thing anyone wants to drink is BPA laden water. Do they make BPA free water bottles? Where can I buy BPA free water bottles? What’s the best BPA free water bottle? There’s one answer to all your water bottle questions, and it’s Nubo Bottle.

At Nubo Bottle, we’re proud to offer the best BPA free water bottles. Studies are still being conducted on BPA’s harms, but it has been linked to considerable troubles. BPA exposure has been connected to a slew of health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, asthma and even some cancers. Though studies are still being conducted, the FDA has presented a ban on utilizing BPA in baby related products. But that doesn’t mean that mass produced bottled water is safe. If you’re looking to enjoy water without harmful BPA, it’s time to make the switch to Nubo Bottle.
What is the best BPA free water bottle? At Nubo Bottle, we have two great water bottle styles to choose from. Both bottles offer an integrated filtration system that removes up to 98 percent of toxins and chemicals. As an added bonus, your Nubo Bottle also converts any tap water into great, crisp tasting water!

Our Legacy Bottle resembles disposable bottles in shape, but that’s where the similarities end! This reusable bottle sports a stylish blue design with a twist on and off cap. With our Legacy Bottle, you can enjoy clean, safe and environmentally friendly hydration on the go. If you’d prefer a different style, we recommend our newest Nubo Bottle, the Generation 2 Bottle. This bottle brings a clear design that helps show off the stylish filter within. Both bottles fit easily into cup holders, bottle holders and most importantly, into your everyday life.

Hydration is key, whether you’re working at a desk or out in the sun. But there’s no reason your water bottle should harm you or the environment. Ditch the disposable plastic, ban BPA from your life. Make the switch to happy, healthy and BPA free water with Nubo Bottle today!


Water Bottling Ban Nears Success

Clean Water News / 11.12.2015

Nestle is nearing a road block as a Columbia Gorge water bottling ban is nearing success. Many of the Hood River County residents don’t believe their local water  sources should be bottled and sold when they are suffering their own water shortage. “Opponents of Nestlé’s proposed water bottling plant in the Columbia River Gorge have turned in three times the number of signatures required to qualify a local ballot measure blocking the deal…” [ Read the story here ]


Dangers Of Bottled Water – Documentary

Clean Water News / 10.12.2015

The dangers of the bottled water industry are numerous, both economic and environmental. Take a look deeper into the ramifications of the use and manufacturing of disposable water bottles. Check out the documentary: Dangers of Bottled Water: Tapped below.

Make the eco-friendly choice, and switch to a reusable, refillable, Nubo Filtered Water Bottle today.


Bottled Water Habits We Need To Change

Clean Water News / 09.12.2015

The bottled water industry has been soaking the economy with promises of crystal clear, “special” water for years, and its industry has grown at a ridiculous rate.  How are your bottled water habits costing not only your wallet, but our ecosystem as well?

“…when the first commercial aired for bottled sparkling water in the U.S. and a need was born. Well, maybe not a need, but certainly a want. Though little more than a niche product in the ’80s, bottled sparkling water became a symbol of status and the decade’s yuppies drank it up…” [ Read the story here ]


Clean Water From Nubo Filtered Water Bottle

Clean Water News / 08.12.2015

Nubo’s Generation II filtered water bottle is your solution to a refillable, reusable, clean water solution. Get your Nubo Bottle today direct from the industry leaders, and follow us on Twitter for the latest clean water news and updates on the benefits on a refillable clean water bottle.



Nubo Filtered Water Bottle On The Talk

Clean Water News / 07.12.2015

The incredible benefits of having a refillable clean water source on the go are sweeping the world!

Check out Nubo Filtered Water Bottle’s spot on TV with “The Talk“, as they break down this revolutionary bottle and what they love about them so much!

Buy your Generation II – Nubo Filtered Water Bottle today!

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