BPA Free Water BottleMaking the switch from disposable water bottles to reusable water bottles is a great choice for the environment, for your wallet and for your health as well. But, are you making the switch to BPA free water bottles? What about filtered water that delivers the freshest tasting water? At Nubo Bottle, we’re here to check off all the boxes on your new water bottle list! What is the best BPA free water bottle online? The best filtered water bottle? It’s Nubo!

Why choose BPA free water bottles?

When people talk about BPA, you may not entirely know what they’re talking about. BPA is a chemical that isn’t exactly safe. It’s present in many poorly made plastics, such as the plastics in most popular disposable water bottles. In fact, even some reusable water bottles contain BPA. Studies have shown links between BPA exposure and many dangerous health problems.

When it comes to BPA, there’s no reason to risk it! At Nubo Bottle, our BPA free water bottles are your hydration solution.

Kicking BPA out of the picture can be affordable, easy and even stylish. When you shop our options at Nubo Bottle, you’ll see that choosing healthy and reusable hydration solutions can be truly delicious as well.

What makes Nubo Bottle different?

At Nubo Bottle, we’ve taken the time to develop the best filtered water systems. Our bottle’s filter is located at the bottom of your Nubo Bottle. With our gravity-fed filtration system, you can rest assured that your water is being cleansed perfectly. Our bottles remove up to 98 percent of contaminants!

With Nubo Bottle, you can turn regular old tap water into the best tasting water you’ve ever had!

With other filtered water bottles, the filter is right at the top of the bottle. Design wise, filters at the top of the bottle reintroduce contaminants into your water! The moment you go to take a drink, your clean water has to run back through the filter to make its way to your mouth. At Nubo Bottle, we’ve removed this design flaw by placing the filter at the bottom of your bottle.

When you’re looking for the best tasting water, it’s time to make the switch to our options at Nubo Bottle. What is the best BPA free water bottle online? Our Nubo Bottle! With our Nubo Filtered Water Bottle, you’ll soon be enjoying the freshest water. Kick BPA and expensive bottled water to the curb. With Nubo Bottle, you’ll have the power of clean water right in your hands. Start shopping today to learn more.

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