No Sucking Or Squeezing Required!

Nubo makes Great sense
  • Removes 98% of the chlorine from tap water
  • No Sucking or Squeezing like other filtered bottles
  • Better Tasting Water On The Go!
Highly effective reusable water bottle removes chemicals and toxins...

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1 to 4 Bottles:
$24.95 ea.
5 or More:
$19.95 ea.

Simply The BEST!

NUBO - The Reusable Water Bottle And Filtration System
Reusable 23.6 oz water bottle with a direct pour, gravity fed filter that is able to convert regular tap water into great tasting, healthy, and refreshing water. Nubo is a unique patented, environmentally conscious and economically practical alternative to single use bottled water.

Nubo is made Tritan plastic which is BPA free and fits in most car cup holders. Nubo is refrigerator and dishwasher safe and is recyclable.

Our filter removes up to 98% of the chlorine and other undesirable chemicals and solids from drinking water, while maintaining a bacteriostatic environment. We meet and exceed NSF standard 42 for water quality.

The filter is fully effective for at least 300 fills (which translates into only pennies for each bottle) at which time it can easily be replaced and recycled.

Prior To Use:
  • Soak filter in water for five minutes then rinse
  • Return filter to bottle (to avoid leaks do not force filter into bottle)
  • Fill slowly from bottom for immediate use or
  • Fill rapidly from top and wait 10 minutes before use
  • If flow is slow, shake filter
  • Replace filter every 2 – 3 months or after 300 uses
efficient filter cartridge
  • Unique Recirculation Vents
  • 2 Layers of Micron Filters
  • Good For 300 Refills
Nubo filter design test results show that each one of our filters remove up to 98% of chlorine and other ...